Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science (1997-2002)

This acclaimed series is a compelling, innovative true crime series focused on the role of forensic science in solving some of the most perplexing crimes of our time.

Exhibit A was a groundbreaking concept when it premiered on Discovery Channel (Canada) and TLC (US) in the late 1990s - it blended police accounts and forensic science with potent dramatic reenactments. In subsequent years, its 65 episodes were broadcast worldwide and its popular approach was imitated by many true crime productions.

Finn Nielsen has appeared in the following episodes:

S01E04 - Splinter of Guilt
Two men are shot and killed in a botched robbery at a local community centre after catching two thieves in the act. The murders occur in the boiler room. One of the bullets has pierced a drum of purple air conditioning fluid and so the floor is a wet, sticky mess of blood and purple fluid. In a flash of forensic intuition, firearms specialist Finn Nielsen picks a sliver of wood off the floor of the murder scene. Back at the Centre of Forensic Sciences, he identifies the sliver as a broken piece from the butt end of .300 caliber savage rifle. Police investigate recent robberies and find out that three guns have been stolen in the previous week only blocks from the community centre. The rifle was then sold to another man whom the police arrest. But they now must find out which of the two thieves actually pulled the trigger. To add to the confusion, each of the two suspects tells a contradictory tale of what happened. A forensic biologist analyzes the blood on the clothing of the two suspects' clothing to determine who will pay the price for this tragic crime.

S04E05 - Turnbull
She was a typical teenager, everyone's potential sister, daughter, neighbour. In 15 minutes she went from living an ordinary life to becoming a quadriplegic. Her name is Barbara Turnbull and she was shot in a Mississauga convenience store in a senseless robbery. Ballistics will show which of two brothers did the shooting. Now a Toronto newspaper writer, Turnbull tells her own dramatic story.

S05E07 - Night of Rage
On Victoria Day as fireworks are going off, someone is on a killing spree. The next morning, three prostitutes are found shot dead. One is a transvestite, one is a transsexual and the third is a woman. The bullets from each killing prove to come from the same gun. The investigation to find the gun and the shooter takes the police from the suburbs of Toronto to the harbour of Halifax in pursuit of a serial killer.

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Finn Nielsen has lent his experience as a Gun Handler in the following:

Robocop: The Series (1994) - Super cop Alex Murphy--a slain police officer turned into a cyborg--battles crime in Delta City. First up: a deranged scientist tries to control the city via a computer run by a human brain.


Finn Nielsen has lent his experience as a Gun Handler in the following:

The Fly (1986) - Update of the original horror classic about a brilliant scientist (Jeff Goldblum) who develops a machine that molecularly transports objects in seconds, but inadvertently transforms him into a fly. Goldblum gives an outstanding performance as Seth Brundle, the heart-wrenching victim.

Popeye Doyle (1986) - The New York detective (Ed O'Neill) best known for his involvement in the ``French Connection'' case sleuths a hooker's murder (made for TV).

Wild Thing (1987) - This story is a modern fairy tale about the exploits of a young urban Tarzan who stalks the surrealistic ghetto known as "The Zone."

Sea of Love (1989) - A New York police detective (Al Pacino) falls in love with a suspect in a murder he is investigating.





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